Nanomechanics inSEM-III

To further the development of micro-mechanical testing, the InSEM-III was commissioned at the end of 2016. This nanoindenter allows in-situ nanoindentation, micro-compression and micro-bending experiments.
The equipment is heatable up to 800˚C, with independent tip and sample heating to minimise thermal drift. Finally, dynamic measurements and a high data acquisition rate allow the continuous measurement of hardness and modulus during indentation, enabling the accurate measurement of the properties of thin layers.

  • in-situ (HT) nanoindentation
  • micro-compression experiments
  • micro-bending experiments
Technical data:
  • Maximum indentation depth 50 µm
  • Depth Accuracy 0.02 nm
  • Noise floor <0.1 nm
  • Force range up to 50 mN
  • Force resolution 3 nN
  • Data acquisition rate 500Hz
  • Dynamic frequency up to 1 kHz
  • separate tip and sample heating to minimize thermal drift
  • max. 800°C
  • Vacuum <106 mbar