Crystal growth

The IMM uses a number of special furnaces to grow metallic crystals with defined orientation from a melt. The procedure is based on the Bridgman–Stockbarger technique in combination with monocrystalline seed crystals of the desired orientation. Different types of single- and bicrystals in macroscopic size are produced this way and form the basis for further experimental investigations. Aluminum, copper, magnesium and zinc with high purity are available as source materials.

  • Fabrication of single- and bicrystals
  • Crystallographic orientation can be defined with high precision
Technical data:
  • Maximum temperature of the furnace: T=900°C
  • Growth rate: 0.5-3cm/h
  • Maximum size of the crystals: l=5-15cm, Ø=1-4cm
  • Possible materials: Al, Cu, Mg and Zn