About the VFF

The Association of Friends and Sponsors (VFF) of the IMM is a registered association which was founded on the initiative of Prof. em. Günter Gottstein and Prof. Jürgen Hirsch in 1994. Since then, the VFF promotes our institute in organizing events and providing support offers. Furthermore, the VFF is engaged in promoting our practice-oriented teaching, our publications as well as the active participation in organizations and commitees.

The board of the VFF consists of:

  • 1st Chairman: Dr. rer. nat. Jörn Verhasselt
  • 2nd Chairman: Prof. Dr. Sandra Korte-Kerzel
  • Treasurer: Dr.-Ing. Talal Al-Samman
  • Secretary: David Beckers

The general assembly of the VFF takes place after the scientific colloquium within the framework of the IMM summer party.

Each member of the VFF is provided with a password to get access to an internal member area with photos and documents of the VFF.