Equipment for Heat Treatment

To manipulate properties as strength or strain of metals, heat treatment is a powerful method. For this purpose, the IMM has a pool of standard or special furnaces. In these furnaces, conditions and atmospheres which are comparable to industrial furnaces and annealing lines can quickly be reached. Aside from the good accessibility for temperature measurement inside the furnace, offset and thermal inertia can directly be measured inside the specimen. That way, heat treatment for analytical purposes can be applied under controlled conditions.

  • Quick control of heating or cooling rate as in continuous belt furnace
  • Presetting of atmosphere as in top hat furnace
  • Quickly, spatial homogeneous treatment as in bath furnace
  • Quick heating of the induction coil to generate sharp gradients
Technical data:
  • Maximal temperature 1500 °C
  • Heating-up time in several seconds or ramps and cycles
  • Vacuum to 1 x 10-5 hPa or clean inert gas atmosphere
  • Data recording of temperature and control parameters