Scanning electron microscopes

At the IMM, scanning electron microscopes are operated in order to perform various tasks ranging from orientation determination via EBSD through to in-situ investigations of strained tensile samples. The IMM has a Zeiss LEO1530 FE-SEM with EBSD system, a JEOL JSM-6100 with a laser powered heating stage for investigations at high temperatures as well as a JEOL JSM-840 with a tensile/compression module available.

  • microstructure characterization through EBSD
  • high-resolution topography- and composition-shots
  • in-situ EBSD at high temperatures (e.g. investigation of phase transformations)
  • in-situ investigation of bi- and tri-crystals
  • in-situ investigation of tensile samples during deformation
Technical data:
  • Leo 1530: resolution 1nm at 20KV. SE-, QBSD- and EBSD-detector.
  • JSM-6100: laser powered heating stage for up to T=1300°C and heating rate up to 30K/s. SE- and EBSD-detector. Effective resolution for EBSD at high temperatures ca. 1µm
  • JSM-840: tensile/compression module with strain up to 500N. Sample heating up to T= 600°C. SE-detector. Resolution 12nm at 20KV.