Aktuelle Wissenschaft: Superior microstructure and mechanical properties of a next-generation AZX310 magnesium sheet alloy

Am 19. August 2019 erscheint im Vol. 763 des “Materials Science and Engineering: A” Journals, ein Artikel von Risheng Pei, Sandra Korte-Kerzel und Talal Al-Samman über die überlegene Mikrostruktur und mechanische Eigenschaften einer Magnesiumblechlegierung der nächsten Generation AZX310. Vorab steht dieser Artikel über ScienceDirect zur Verfügung.


Given the key role of calcium in future magnesium alloy development, the present work investigates a modified commercial AZ31B alloy with 0.3 wt% Ca processed by thermomechanical treatments for sheet applications. The goal was to explore the new alloy's recrystallization and grain growth behavior and shed light on the ways by which they impact the texture, grain size and mechanical properties. The results demonstrate that the choice of alloy composition in combination with the applied processing was extremely successful in imparting superior properties, characterized by high strain hardening ability, high tensile ductility, eliminated sheet anisotropy, along with thermally stable weak texture and fine grain size. The outstanding property profile is thought to result from an apt interplay between solute and precipitation effects, which brings the investigated AZX310 alloy to the fore of leading next generation lightweight structural materials.

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