Works Outing 2018

The IMM climbs high.

For this year’s works outing 2018, our employees decided on a trip to nature. As early as 8:45 am, the IMM employees are highly motivated waiting on a shuttle bus to be brought to their destination: “Kletterwald Aachen”.

On site, they instantly received security instructions by climbing trainers and were ready to take on challenges of various heights and difficulties. The highlight of the Aaachen climbing forest is the 16 meters mini-bungee-jump that was a great pleasure to the IMM.

Climbing trees does not only require to take a leap of courage on many parkours, but it also makes you hungry. Therefore, we could not think about any other way to end this day as with visiting the local restaurant “Gut Entenpfuhl”.

We would like to thank to all our employees who could share this experience with us and are looking forward to next year!