Christmas Party and the Year 2018 in Review

On December 20, 2018 we celebrated a tradition and looked back at a successful year 2018.

Starting at 3 pm on December 20, 2018 our traditional Christmas Party took place in the IMM Seminarraum. This celebration would not be possible without our fantastic colleagues, friends and sponsors and their contribution of mixed dishes.

This event covered various conversations with the participating guests, secret santa gifts exchange, games, and a visit to the Aachen Holiday Market. For the first time, we organized a “Best Christmas Outfit” contest. All participants voted Arndt Ziemons in his festive appearance as a winner.

Furthermore, we celebrated a succesfull year and in particular these achievements:

  • Four completed dissertations from Chenlu Meng, Sebastian Schröders, Zhicheng Wu, and Jan-Erik Brandenburg,
  • Seven completed Master theses from Shuheng Li, Atur Kling, Fatim-Zahra Mouhib, Kuan Ding, Göksel Berfu, Yannick Naunheim, and Tom Reclik,
  • Eight completed Bachelor theses from Christina Gasper, Niklas Sayer, Martina Freund, Stephanie Freund, Anna Francesca Hahn, Franziska Rohrberg, Jannik Stich, and Aidin Nikookhesal,
  • Three completed student research projects and one project work from Ramandeep Mandia, Wie Fan, Bo Zou, and Kevin Bissa.

Additionally, we had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Lapovok (Deakin University) and Prof. Belyakov (Belgorod State University) to the IMM. We give thanks for their visit and to Prof. Molodov for taking care of our guests. We look forward to a continuous cooperation.   

Lastly, we express our gratitude towards our employees, students, friends and sponsors for their dedication to the institute and their research contributions. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.